Welcome to "Nature Through the Lens," a collection of photographic images of nature and observations.  What you'll find here are some of the many images I've created over the years on my rambles about the New England landscape - and occasionally beyond.   As you'll find on these pages, flowers are favorites, especially wildflowers, and a large percentage of my pictures have a floral theme.   From these pages visitors will get an excellent sampling, though small, of some of the many beautiful native wildflowers that find a home in the New England region.   However, I occasionally get tempted by non-floral subjects, and you'll find a generous sampling of those here as well.

Some visitors would probably like to know more about how the images came to be;   i.e., the "what, where and when" details.  So, some of the images were selected for annotation, and for those you'll find short stories or anecdotes to accompany the pictures.  (Anecdotes appear below the images.  You may need to scroll down.) The  About  section includes background information on the photographer, details on equipment and field techniques. 

The name of this website originates from the same basic philosophy behind the book "Butterflies through Binoculars," by Jeffrey Glassberg (Oxford U. Press).  We don't pick or collect specimens, or interfere with the daily routines of wildlife any more.  Rather, we view them up close with binoculars, cameras, hand lenses or just the unaided eye.  If we wish to have reminders of what we encountered, we photograph instead.

Thanks for stopping by.

Arieh Tal

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