Aster linariifolius



State Status * CT MA RI VT NH ME



Ecology: Sandy or rocky fields or slopes; open, upland woods.  Full sun to part shade.
Blooming Period: July - October
Typical Height Range: 6 to 18 inches   (1.5 to 4.5 dm)
 What to look for in the field: 
  Capitulescence is in the shape of a lax corymb, with relatively few heads located at the tips of the stems.  (Robust plants with many stems may appear to be many-headed.)
  Stems are short, wiry and finely, but densely pubescent.  Clump-forming.
  Leaves are more or less uniformly linear, not greatly varying in size, stiff and crowded on stems.   Phyllaries and leaves are often papillate
  Rays are pale blue-violet to nearly white.  Disc florets are bright yellow.  Heads are often nodding in bud.  View image of involucre and phyllaries.

* Distribution data obtained from the NatureServe website and from published state natural heritage data.  Click link for a list of state status codes.