Aster dumosus

Long-stalked aster


State Status * CT MA RI VT NH ME



Ecology: Fields,  roadsides, disturbed areas
Blooming Period: September - October
Typical Height Range: 2 to 4 feet   (6 to 12 dm)
 What to look for in the field: 
  Capitulescence in the shape of a panicle, often broad, with long, spreading and recurved branches.
 Stems are variously pubescent, from sparsely pubescent below to more densely so upwards, or somewhat pubescent in lines.
  Stem leaves are narrowly lanceolate to linear.  Branch leaves are numerous, similar to stem leaves in shape, but much smaller in size.
  Heads are numerous on branches, but neither highly crowded, nor in one-sided arraysPeduncles are long, and contain many tiny bracteal leaflets.
  Rays are white or pale blue-violet.  Disc florets are yellow, turning reddish.  Phyllaries are not spreading, and form a vase-shaped involucre.   View image of involucre and phyllaries.

* State status data obtained from the NatureServe website and from published state natural heritage data.  Click link for a list of state status codes.