Desert Ridge – an Attractive Residential Community in Phoenix Area

Desert Ridge is among Phoenix’s largest master-planned regions for future development. Residents of the city have easy access to most freeways. The city is also home to a horde of major employers such as American Express, plenty of restaurants and retail stores.

Desert Ridge is also one of the cities in Phoenix with new subdivisions rising.

Although the worsening economic state has slowed down residential construction in a few parts of the city, the median price shot up by 27% to almost 613,000 in the last four years. The area’s proximity to freeways helps it draw all types of buyers. Thanks to the thriving restaurants and retail shops, a lot of jobs have been created over time hence the sharp rise in population.

Desert Ridge Phoenix area

Desert Ridge is also home to charter schools and school district rated 9 to 10 by Among these are about seven elementary schools, and four middle or high schools. These make the city perfectly suited for single-family residents. The town also shares boundaries with big cities and hence has a lot of people traveling to and from the cities as well as living in the city. Desert Ridge, however, does not just offer residential homes. The city is a mixed-use development which is made up of condos/hometowns, single-family homes, and commercial developments. Resort condominiums date back to 1996; hence they are well established and have a standard price regarding rent. There is always a new project or building being set up in Desert Ridge. This is because of the rapidly increasing population in the region. Hordes of amenities have been established including health care centers, malls, convenient shops and much more, further encourage the growth of the people with more jobs being created each day.

There is a general tendency

Global trends are set to influence the real estate landscape throughout the country over approximately the next six years. There is a general tendency to underestimate the change that will be impacted on the industry by the year 2020. Projections can be wrong sometimes, but with the signs present, the real estate industry, especially in the cities described in this article, is set to have a continued boom in coming years. More and more people are clustering around cities and changing the demographics of real estate. Urbanization is one of the critical areas is gearing up for a massive boost from the rising population. Hometowns are also shifting demographics with more amenities like health care centers coming up fast. If you are planning to buy a condo for renting, leasing or selling purposes, the time to do that is now. It is best you do your research on specific spots in these cities that are the favorite to invest in but in the real estate industry time is money, so do not waste it.